Welcome to Victoria - Thoroughbred Country, the most popular special interest number plates in Australia today. We are the exclusive supplier of the uniquely designed Thoroughbred Country number plates you’ve seen on the best-dressed cars around the State.
Show your support for the Victorian Thoroughbred Racing industry, stand out from the crowd in the main street or in traffic with your own unique plates which come in a range of colours and are priced from just $290 (+ admin fee).
Thoroughbred Country number plates are available in two sizes:
Standard format.
Slimline format.

Thoroughbred Country Motor Vehicle Registration Plates


Put together the far-reaching elements of Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding into one promotable vehicle to provide Victoria with a new “branding” for the national and international marketing of this state.


Put Victoria on the international map just as “Bluegrass Country” did for Kentucky USA (Now worth countless millions from tourism and investment)


More people worldwide watch Thoroughbred racing than all other spectator sports combined. Literally millions follow the trail of the Thoroughbred to the far corners of the globe every year.


Racing in South East Asia has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years and the potential for involvement from a tourism perspective is great. It remains our belief that there is a potential Thoroughbred related tourism offering for Victoria.


Clarion Call
Come to “Thoroughbred Country” for Friendship and Excitement.


Number Plates
Order your VTC number plates and support the campaign (it’s in your interest to do so)


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